Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Add social media content in the library catalog

Today we want to share some great news with you: the launch of Social Media Discovery. Social Media Discovery is a tool developed by GreenData that allows you to catalog websites and social media content easily from the browser, like a tweet, a YouTube video, a blog article, a Flickr image or any other resource from the Internet.

Through a browser extension, Social Media Discovery captures the metadata from the websites and creates bibliographic records automatically. The cataloguers can add more fields or modify the data according to their institution's criteria. Social Media Discovery is a service developed for the libraries that want to offer a more complete experience to their users, through the integration of content from the social networks in their catalogs. Thanks to different exchange standards the records of Social Media Discovery can be loaded automatically in any library catalog or discovery tool.

In addition, in order to make everything easier and quickier, Social Media Discovery allows you to manage the profiles of the cataloguers. The service has an option to invite other users and let them use the browser extension.

Social Media Discovery is a SaaS model service that runs in the cloud. It can be subscribed from now on and has a completly free trial version, without limitations, that allows you to try all the functionalities.

We encourage you to visit the Social Media Discovery website and try the trial version of our tool.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us!